March 19, 2011

*Clap* man

He asked me why we called her Sarah Klapman and not Sarah or simply Sara K. Any one that knew her would of answered without hesitating. The name Sarah alone seemed too plain for such a being that was obviously destined for greatness. Her writing surpasses every piece of literature i have ever read, which of course does not say much since I do not read as often as I would like to. She is not part of a long list of dumb writers either, since she left my school to join a special program designed of people who mental capacities that would greatly intimidate their fellow peers  that learnt at an average if not below average level. I am ashamed to say that, every time I pick up a writing instrument I write as if she was going to read it and no one else. At this point in my ridiculously long non-fictional blog post you would expect me to say she is my reason for breathing since I think do highly of her. So let this name stick in your mind "Sarah Klapman" for I am sure that in 10 years or so she will be bestselling author. Leaving you with a poem by her would not do her justice since I only have her oldest work. I get to see her tomorrow-If all goes well.

Message from Tray: I should add some pictures to these blogposts but I have been so busy with things. I'll leave you with a quote from my therapist: "Therapist can't give advice but they free to shape the mind of their patients for a better outcome "
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  1. AWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You are so cute! And I'm flattered that you like my stuff so much. I'm really sorry we couldn't hang out today. Miss you so much!!! And your work isn't too shabby either :p.
    Love you!!

    -Sarah Klapman <3

  2. I'm flattered you read it :)


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