March 27, 2012

Forgetting her "Mai"

It is hard for me, I believe that the world doesn't understand my grief. The calls received are all for Her , most asking her where abouts and when or whether she was comming back. Thankfully after a couple days the calls lessened causing me to assume she had gotten back to them, leaving me in the darkness when it came to her futur plans. Yesterday I heard shuffling infront of the door of my apartment, my heart slowed and I stopped my guitar playing. For what felt like an eternity I held my breath hoping it was Her, comming back to me or getting some of her stuff back at the least. Needless to say I missed her face and seeing and hearing her around would bring warmth unto this glacial place. Not suprisingly it was simply my neighbor Mai , sliding mail under the door along with a gold note. Mai was an odd yet sweet being, often observing me and Her consistently. We caught her with her head behing her apartment door peering out when we were going for a night out downtown. When we did meet Mai in the flesh at the grocers we were surprised to see that she was a tall and average looking person. She carried with her a thick bible sized leather note book as if it were a teething child, helpless out of Mai's arms. The small talk was about to end when I asked " What's in that book of yours? You writing a novel?" I chuckled thinking it was funny. Mai on the other hand who's was always content had turned glum, expression hardening like quick drying cement and she hurried out the store leaving her cart. For a whole season we stopped being studied like animals every time we left our apartment. My worry stricken roommate being the caring person she was decided to bake red velvet cupcakes to wake Mai from what she thought was depression and what I though was death. I stood at the door as I promised, watching as she tried to deliver the batch of treats to Mai's door. Just as she was about to knock Mai had opened it looking down blankly at Her waiting for something to be said. She explained that she was worried since she hadn't seen Mai's "sweet" face around and wanted to cheer her up...
Mai made a sound which could arguably be called a giggle thanking her for the baked goods. To this day Mai's good deeds are still being done , she still offered to do our laundry and brought up our mail nevertheless communicating only through cards slipped under our door. I finally picked up the eccentric note from Mai that looked like a golden ticket and read.
" Dear Sam,
T'is officially the first day of summer! Is not the most exciting part of our year? I couldn't help but to notice that she isn't around anymore and you stopped leaving the apartment for quite sometime. Hope things work out .
Mai ."

At least I was not the only one thinking of her, which was greatly comforting. She leaves an impression, anyone would have a hard time forgetting her.

March 23, 2012


Her loft was ‘interesting’ just as her personality was ‘interesting’ very odd ways of doing things and viewing life but nevertheless utterly fascinating. The all white furniture was uninviting to children and welcomed instead utter class and maturity. Her living space was something like a modern futuristic heaven for empty misunderstood souls. There were no pictures of family members though she had parents. Instead those pictures were replaced with blank faced minimalistic paintings giving off the impression that she was not raised by anyone but was instead self taught which was partially true. She had taught herself to read in English, taught herself knit, and to cook. She was driven by independence and was in a way aroused by independent people such as she. That was the reason she did not fall for people who chased her instead she preferred to do the chasing. The harder the situation the better.


Air was overly warm, the breeze that was meant to refresh our bodies now and then felt instead like hot air escaping a fire place. Nallah’s little body was beginning to glisten with sweat. She played alone in a sand box, digging around unladylike and making attempting truck noises that resembled a tigress more then a 4x4. She was a child that greatly enjoyed being alone and was very much bothered by the little girls that pestered her  at times asking her to play house or castle in  which they always fought over the roles of being the mommy or the princess. So instead she purposely picked the most isolated area of the park and played by her self. I would read a
Book while trying my best to keep a lookout creeps and pedophiles. She was very much so like her mother angelic look but possessing thoughts that sometimes swallowed her whole.

April 18, 2011

We feel

"Who am I if not me?
Look with me at my reflection and see
Spot my pained eyes and plastered on smile
Love me more than I have loved I in a while"

Message from Tray: I was depressed when I wrote this a year or two ago. Maybe one day I will be Quoted...


Enquiring minds will question
The most careless will slip a mention
In this land deaths an echo
Life is something that is borrowed 
Love passed around 
Children not created but found 
Stories told, none remembered 
Lights is our sole defender
Finding a meaning is fatal
Sit and stir your conscious with a lattle
Message from Tray: This is not rally good but I found it in my poetry book. I might be posting things I find around the place since I'm to lazy to write new things. 

April 1, 2011

Love and Lucy

Love and Lucy would be lovely names
Like Hansel and Gretel without the fame 
Two girls becoming best of friends (sounds insane)
Though the last few lines are all pretend

Instead love is a thing Lucy's never possessed 
Love has spied on Lucy and was never impressed 
Love is to grown for Lucy still she does try
Shell do anything but Love let's out a sigh 

"Love is a sickness all remedies refusing"
It is a game of chance and Lucy is loosing 
Love is not basketball or a human being
So love and Lucy will not be agreeing 


Quote on infertility

"My Repunzel had no hair when locked in a tower
There will be no heir coming from that flower"