March 23, 2012


Air was overly warm, the breeze that was meant to refresh our bodies now and then felt instead like hot air escaping a fire place. Nallah’s little body was beginning to glisten with sweat. She played alone in a sand box, digging around unladylike and making attempting truck noises that resembled a tigress more then a 4x4. She was a child that greatly enjoyed being alone and was very much bothered by the little girls that pestered her  at times asking her to play house or castle in  which they always fought over the roles of being the mommy or the princess. So instead she purposely picked the most isolated area of the park and played by her self. I would read a
Book while trying my best to keep a lookout creeps and pedophiles. She was very much so like her mother angelic look but possessing thoughts that sometimes swallowed her whole.

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