March 4, 2011


"Give me your hand" I say.
She, being herself and I being me and sticking upon the thought of her overreacting . Her eyes narrowed at the spot where her splinter was. Trying to find the co-ordinates to The exact place it penetrated, leaving a flaw to her perfect world.
She then put her little hand  radiating of warmth in my cold ones.
"What's your favorite animal?" 
Her greenish yellow cat like eyes scanned me in confusion. 
" I know, Pamello is a fruit but really what difference does it make. Mina was eating Pamello the other day and made it looks so gross ,since she ate the WHOLE THING and I-FUCK!"

In her little rant like many others she does I toke the splinter out. I held it up in front of the sun. The tip was dipped in blood , the sunlight gave it an orange tinge...


  1. I really like this but the kinda scared me. Nallah seemed so angelic, then, "FUCK"! But I really like it though. :)

  2. Momo! My first comment ^.^
    Lol thank you for reading :)


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