March 5, 2011


Elisa sipped warm cider as she stared out the window into the forrest that blessedly was her backyard. The ice had finally froze over the lake. 
The same lake that her and her twin sister skated until their little lungs couldn't take no more.She cherished these moments when she thought I was asleep.It was nice not being watched by me. But I never slept more than a couple hours a night anyways.Night life  is my secret, where I belonged. The cool air and sense of danger greedily received and reciprocated with every odd  look.
Still I always made it back in the morning to capture this.Her love for her inheritance was warming.She deserved it being the fact that her parents where the sort of parents that thought having kids was no reason, if any to stop traveling.Therefor they where never around, still chasing their naive adventurous dreams. They came of course for holidays with their gifts to express the superficial apologies.Like always because of reality, there was no happy end to this story...
The winter of Elias's 10th birthday her sister Janice died.
The traveling stopped .
The gifts where droped. 
Depression came out of it's hiding spot amongst the merry memories and found refuge in the parents souls until it devoured them.
Again Elisa was left alone the only Macintire. It was like she never existed."Look who gets the last laugh" a thing many would say in this predicament.
But instead she waits with Cider for The vivid ghosts of the past to come and replay memories like scenes of a play.

Hearing my footsteps she turns to look at me through those grey eyes who interpreted things differently. What where her real thoughts on me?
"Good morning Kelsey " she said
She had that voice.
You know?The voice so beautifully unreal you're not sure whether or not you heard it or it's all in your head and you have gone mad.
"What do you want for breakfast?"
I approach her  and hug her from behind.Nose in the crouch of her neck, inhaling  the Sweet  strawberry like scent.
"I love you" I say
It seemed so appropriate to say and so natural with her.She was easy to love.
"You shouldn't" she said pulling away...

"Do not expect a kiss
Do not write our names upon a tree
For I do not believe in Cupid
So do not believe in me"

Message from Tray: Now that I have read it I don't like it as much :(

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